Monday, March 21, 2016

Behind the scenes – Photoshooting with Cyclingtips and Scott bikes in the Victorian Alps

I had the great fortune to join Cyclingtips and Scott Bikes on a gravel adventure video- and photo-shooting trip around the Victorian Alps. It was especially an incredible opportunity for me as I have never done a promotional trip before.  I am humbled by the professionalism and dedication of our crew: Andy, Matt, Tim and Malcom.

Andy – Cycling model. Part of Cyclingtips. This guy has invented Hells 500 Everesting – climbing 8848m in one go. I think that says it all. No matter what the condition – too cold, too hot, too windy, too rocky, too tired, too lost - he was thriving on difficult conditions. Badass!

I mostly saw him in this position - Andy
Matt – Cycling model. Besides that he is a top bike racer and cycling kit owner, he was always up for a good story and the challenge ahead. Never really ridden gravel before, he rode any kind of terrain – no matter how rocky or steep. Machine.The Bunch Cyclist

No matter the terrain, he was on it - Matt
Tim – our photographer. There is a reason why his pictures are incredible. You will find this guy wading through the deepest mud, getting stuck in a creek or eaten by leeches. This man doesn’t fear anything. If he cant reach it, his drone will. tbsphotography
Mostly found behind the camera - Tim.

Malcolm – our videographer. I was stunned by his running ability. I am sure it said somewhere in his job description that he must run 5 km under 20 min. While we are riding a section, he ran every time next to us to get the perfect angle. Both Malcolm and Tim could be found anywhere positioned on, at or in the car. Whatever gets them the best shot. Sometimes, I wondered who got a harder workout – the ones in front or behind the camera. malbloe

Running along with his camera - Malcolm

Although there is a romanticized view of a photo-shooting trip, we got all ranges of extremes covered.
We got lost. We had 3 degrees. We had 35 degrees. We climbed a 20% gradient. We went to the most amazing remote places. We met high country natives. We had some severe mechanicals. I had the best ride in a four-wheeler. We played hide and seek with some authority. We made the car swim. I learned how to make a truck driver honk. 

Start of our trip - at the top of Mt Baw Baw

Car hood lunch at Mt Gwenier

Fun Fourwheel ride back with these guys

We had our moments. Hard stance!

6am at Craigs Hut. The guys soaking in the sunrise.

 Thanks to Cyclingtips, Scott bikes, Andy, Matt, Tim and Malcolm for an awesome trip!

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