Cols de la Monika ranking

This is a very biased view of how I perceive all the climbs I have ridden. Before studying the ranking itself, I encourage a close look at the interpretation and the disclaimer at the bottom of the page.

Col Start point Vertical gain (m) All mental Got the legs? So Pretty
Croix de Fer St Jean de Maurienne 1576 7 6 7
Croix de Fer Allemont 1557 6 5 7
Mt Cenis Landsbourg 682 3 2 3
Mt Cenis Susa 1553 6 4 5
Alpe d'Huez Bourg d'Oisans 1130 7 7 2*
Col de Vars Guillestre 1109 4 4 6
Col de Vars Gleizolles 799 6 6 5

* It does not matter how pretty the climb is. All I saw was pavement.

All-mental ranking
1 So when is it going uphill?
2 Even my driveway is more challenging than that!
3 Nice little leg opener. So where is now the real stuff?
4 Of course, I am ok! I just don’t want to talk right now!
5 Didn’t you say this climb had an end?
6 They must have missed the last three kilometer markers!
7 Who in the world would build that kind of road!
8 This is absolute non-sense! I am not quitting, I am just ending this nightmare!

Got-the-legs ranking
1 Wasnt it an awesome idea from me to go climbing today?
2 Wow, I think I just undiscovered the hidden climbing talent in me!
3 I think I am going for the KOM today.
4 I think I am not going for the KOM  today.
5 I dont think this is quite my gradient!
6 I told you I am not a climber!
7 Who on earth came up with this silly idea to go climbing today?
8 Never ever ask me to ride any climb again, and yes, the speed bump in front of your house counts too!

So-pretty ranking
1 Even the parking lot crit is more interesting!
2 Slightly better view than from my trainer
3 Might make a nice screen saver
4 Gets at least 50 likes on Instagram
5 I would totally stop and take pictures if it wasn’t for my Strava KOM time!
6 Holy smokes, amazing view. I almost forgot I am climbing!
7 I am drooling. It is so pretty!

Disclaimer: I am not taking any responsibility for taxi fares, property mortgages or KOM losses.

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