Monday, May 3, 2010

The rather unusual training day

On Friday, two NAVY guys and I decided to drive out to the Chesapeake Bay to swim to the Sandy Point light house and back…2 km round trip. Austin, one of the NAVY guys, supplied me with a wetsuit and some fins. Having arrived there and putting all our gear on, I realized that the fins were way too big. This was very discouraging because there is no way that I would swim to the light house without fins so the two guys made their way to the light house without me. I did not want to give up yet so I asked some beach fellows whether they have tape or anything to attach the fins to my feet. The first person had nothing, second guy unfortunately nothing… but the third guys, an English, had duct tape, which he got out of his truck. He then strapped the duct tape on my feet while I was sitting wondering how in the world I would ever get rid of all that stuff later. I was about to get up after this attachment procedure and fell back again because the angle of the fins to my feet did not allow me to stand up anymore.

No problem for an English and so he offered me to pickiback me into the ocean. I felt like a stranded wale or maybe Ariel in the Little Mermaid. Once in the water, I took on the task to find the two NAVY guys in the water somewhere in the direction to the light house. After a while, maybe 30 minutes, I found them, they just returned from the light house, so we made our way back to the beach. After unductaping my feet we enjoyed the sun and I gave more attention to the structure of my wetsuit, wondering why the zipper had an interesting shape. After 10 minutes scholarly discussion about the design of the wetsuit, I figured out I was wearing that thing the entire time inside out!

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